How to Turn Off Blue Tick In WhatsApp

WhatsApp Blue Tick

A lot of people hate seeing this blue tick next to their names when they are in WhatsApp. But this is not the case if you turn off blue tick in WhatsApp. Here we will tell you about the steps to turn off blue tick in WhatsApp. We have given a list of steps for turning off blue tick in WhatsApp. Follow these steps, turn off the blue tick, and enjoy your WhatsApp without seeing the blue tick next to your name.

You probably have heard of blue ticks or blue ticks but how many of us can understand what is it and how to turn off it?

Why we need to turn off blue tick in WhatsApp?

You might think that the blue ticks in WhatsApp are harmless and that they don’t bother you. You may think that you don’t mind if your messages come with blue ticks or that you don’t care about them. But they can cause problems. A lot of people think that these blue ticks mean that their message has been sent or read. And, if this is the case, you might want to know how to turn off these blue ticks.

Don’t want blue ticks in WhatsApp anymore?

Here’s how to turn off blue ticks

To turn off blue tick, we need to do two things: go to Settings and tap on Privacy and Security and then turn off the “Show Last Seen” option in WhatsApp settings. As you do that, a little blue icon will turn gray, indicating that you’ve turned off the feature. That’s it. After that, WhatsApp won’t display the last seen icon, which means that the last seen time isn’t displayed in chat threads, on the profile page, or in any other place.